Crane-Specific Portable Radio Remote Control

Source: Cattron-Theimeg International
Crane-Specific Portable Radio Remote Control
Easy to install, easy to maintain- that is the Crane-Specific (CS) off-the-shelf digital system.
Easy to install, easy to maintain- that is the Crane-Specific (CS) off-the-shelf digital system.

High performance at low cost makes the CS Portable Radio Remote Control system a suitable choice for AC overhead cranes, hoists, monorails and other types of machinery with reversing motors. The system is especially suitable as a replacement for pendant controls.

Comprised of two primary components- a hand-held RF keypad transmitter and an RF receiver/decoder with relay interface- the CS system can be used in steel service centers, warehouse environments and other light-tom-medium industrial uses.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the keypad controllers can control two, three and four reversing motor systems. A mainline ON command is sent whenever any function is active. Internally, a microcomputer performs self-diagnostics, interprets switch commands and controls the hand-held radio controller.

The system offers the end user up to 65,000 different addresses, which virtually eliminates the possibility of duplicating addresses within the plant. In addition, the CS system offers "Output Relay Interlocking" to ensure that the directional relays are interlocked, allowing only one closure at a time, such as forward or reverse. This minimizes the possibility of equipment damage.

The receiver/decoder and up to 16 output relays are on a single electronic circuit board, allowing ease in electronic repair. The decoder makes extensive use of the microcomputer's self-diagnostic capabilities.

Other key features of the system's eight available models are:

  • 2-year warranty on receiver/decoder and keypad controller
  • no operating license required
  • simple installation via plug connectors
  • high message security
  • multiple watchdog timers
  • automatic safety override

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